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Did You Know? April 2021

Did you know…

that the carbon footprint of one employee having 15 one-hour video conference calls can generate up to 9.4 kg per month? Turning off the video would reduce this to about 377 grams, which is equivalent to charging a smartphone every night for 115 days.

Source: The overlooked environmental footprint of increasing internet use. www.chinawaterrisk.org

Did you know…

that Battcon is back? This premier international stationary battery conference will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from November 2-5, 2021. For further details see www.battcon.com.

Did you know…

the economies of scale with respect to power generation?

  • 1 GW of solar power on 6 square miles might produce 1.75 GWH in a year.
  • 1 GW of wind power on 96 square miles might produce 3,100 GWH in a year.
  • 1 GW of nuclear power on 1.5 square miles might produce 7,888 GWH in a year.

Source: www.komando.com

While typing this, I started to wonder about the QWERTY keyboard.

Did you know…

the QWERTY keyboard dates back to the 1850’s and that the longest English-language word that can be typed on the top row of a keyboard is “typewriter”?

Having cut my teeth on old mechanical typewriters and telex machines, I was led to believe that the key layout was to avoid the mechanical print levers “clashing” when one was typing too fast. Another theory going around was that the layout was for ease of typing. Now I discover that more words can be typed using the left hand alone – thousands compared to a few hundred when using the right hand alone.

Also, did you know that only one of the US states can be typed on a single row? Can you guess which one it is?

Did you know…

that your password may not be as secure as you think? According to the Power of Ten information sourced from HowSecureismyPassword.net, a password of:

  • Up to 10 numbers can be broken instantly by expert hackers.
  • One of 10 lowercase letters would take 58 minutes. Nine of the same = 2 minutes.
  • One of 10 lowercase and uppercase letters would take one month. Nine of the same = 19 hours.
  • One of 10 lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers would take 7 months. Nine of the same = 3 days.
  • One of 10 lower case, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols would take 5 years. Nine of the same = 3 weeks.

Did you know…

that when comparing CO2 emissions between an electric and gas-powered vehicle, they have to be driven to approximately 20,000 miles before the emissions equal about 15.5 tons?

Comparing a Tesla Model 3 EV to a Toyota Rav4, here are the findings:

  • During manufacture and out of the factory, Rav4 generates 7.4 tons of CO2 while the Tesla is responsible for 12.2 tons.
  • However, at the 100,000-mile mark, the gas-powered vehicle is responsible for roughly 43 tons of CO2, where the EV only generates about 24 tons.

Source: Wall Street Journal and https://seekingalpha.com

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