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Did You Know? August 2021

Did you know that, in the European Union, 36.4% of the energy is produced by petroleum products? This is followed by 22.4% by natural gas, 15.3% by renewables, 13.1% by nuclear, and 12.6% by solid fossils 

Did you know that nuclear plants are a lot safer than many Americans have been conditioned to believe they are? In fact, they are probably the safest energy source available. Other than Chernobyl, where the meltdown was caused by bad design and human error, the two other headliners were Three Mile Island and Fukushima – where there were no losses of life or injuries. Coincidentally, the local exposure to radiation from Three Mile Island was said to be about 1/3 that which one would get on a cross-country flight. And with respect to Fukushima, the levels of radiation were so low that the United Nations reported the mental health of those who had been evacuated was a bigger health concern than cancer.

Source: The Green Atom. 

Even Elon Musk has said, “I think that modern nuclear power plants are safe contrary to what people may think. I really think it is possible to make very, extremely safe nuclear energy.”

Speaking of Elon Musk, did you know that a major lithium battery fire recently occurred with a large Tesla battery pack in Australia that took 150 firefighters four days to put out? And in another lithium fire in Morris, IL, firefighters took a different approach. Initially they wanted to let it burn out, but the EPA stepped in and suggested some firefighting efforts. With limited success early on, they ended up eventually encasing the still burning battery in concrete. This was after evacuating a one-square-mile surrounding area. 

Did you know that Battcon, the international battery conference, is back this year after an 18-month hiatus because of COVID-19? Eagle Eye will be there in full force with two booths at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. Come and meet the management and Eagle Eye University folks plus the latest products. 

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