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Did You Know? January 2021

Lithium scarcity, cybersecurity concerns, data center growth and other shocking facts.

If all of the new cars manufactured in the world were powered by lithium batteries, the world would run out of lithium in about 30 years. Source – USGS Circular 1371.

According to a 2020 annual report from IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average time to identify and contain a cybersecurity related data break is 280 days.

Did you know that it was projected that the amount of electrical power that is used by data centers has increased to approximately 140 billion kilowatt hours in 2020? This is equivalent to the annual output of about 50 power plants and will cost American businesses 13 billion USD annual in electricity bills. It will also cause the emission of about 100 million metric tons of carbon pollution. Source – National Resourced Defense Council America’s Data Centers Consuming and Wasting Growing Amounts of Energy

We are all familiar with double-A, and triple-A batteries, but did you know that there is a quadruple-A battery? They are not commonly available but are used in small devices such as glucose meters and laser pointers.

Did you know how much electric current it takes to kill you? Actually, it takes very little, as low as 7mA across the heart for 3 seconds is enough. 100 mA passing through the body will almost certainly kill you. However, the current in an electric shock is determined by the resistance of the body and the voltage. The resistance of the human body is quite high which means that sufficient voltage is required to generate the current required to cause injury or death. One rule of thumb states that more than 50 Volts AC is required in order to generate a lethal current. Some other factors that determine the possible fatality are the entry and exit points on the body and the duration of the shock. A shock passing from one hand to the other will pass through the heart and be much more lethal than a shock passing between two feet. Did you know that is why that safe-working practice recommends the use of only your right hand while keeping your left hand in your pocket or behind your back?

Speaking of “rule of thumb,” did you know that the origins of the phrase were in the cloth trade and brewing industry? The width of the thumb was used as the equivalent of an inch when measuring cloth and was also used by brewers to gauge the temperature of the brew.

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