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Did You Know? July 2021

Did you know that the lead-acid battery market is targeted to exceed $61 billion by 2026 according to Global Market Insights, Inc.?

The industry is poised to show around a 6% CACR up until 2026, driven by an increasing demand for cost effective and reliable power sources.

Did you know that in the U. S., the lead battery industry has an economic impact of 26.3 billion?

This can be broken down as follows:

  • Nearly 25,000 direct jobs in 38 states.
  • Over 92,000 jobs attributed to the industry.
  • Compared to other private sector jobs, the average salaries in the lead battery industry are 96% higher for recycling and mining workers and 28% higher for manufacturing workers.

Source: essentialenergyeveryday.com.

Did you know that in the U. S. there are 2500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 2500 TV stations and 2400 publishers . . . owned by only six corporations?

Here they are in alphabetical order: CBS, Disney, GE, News-Corp, Time Warner and Viacom.

Did you know that DC powering may be the new normal for efficient data centers according to TechRepublic?

In their Data Overload report, it mentions that although centralized AC architecture is prevalent today, the potential benefits of DC powering is becoming hard to ignore. The main benefit being efficiency.

Did you know that Bill Gates has entered the power generation industry?

A company called TerraPower, which is his brainchild, has entered into a partnership with GE Hitachi, has developed a 345 MW fast reactor, which can be boosted to 500 MW and is capable of supplying more than 5 hours of power when needed. Wyoming is said to lead this sector with coal to nuclear transition.

Source: Forbes.com.

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