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Did You Know? September 2022

Did you know that the U.S leads the world in the number of large data centers by a long shot, clocking in at 2,670, with the U.K. and Germany far behind, at 452 and 443 respectively? Data centers consume a lot of electricity. Just how much is unknown, but many experts estimate they consume about 1% of its global production. In Europe, the estimate is 2.7% and rising. And in some data center concentrated countries, like Ireland, they consume as much as 17% of the country’s generating capacity. That is projected to rise to 70% by 2030, as reported in Data Center Magazine.

Did you know that infrastructure operators are still struggling to reduce the rate of IT outages in a time of large investment and improving technology? The Uptime Institute’s 2022 Outage Analysis Report says that “progress towards reducing downtime has been mixed.” 80% of companies surveyed have experienced an outage in the past few years and 20% of those have had a serious outage in that time period. Power failures are stated to be the most common cause at 43% of total outages. 

Did you know that during the recent Global Lead Battery Innovation Conference and mExpo (ELBC), Chris Pruitt, CEO of East Penn and President of Battery Council International (BCI), made some significant statements about some of the misnomers of lead versus lithium batteries? He stated it is incorrect that the electricity that charges lithium battery packs is produced using zero carbon sources. It is also not true that the US electric grid will be capable anytime soon to sufficiently handle this country’s increasing Electric Vehicle (EV) demands. He also stated that the battery industry should challenge the narrative surrounding the recycling of lithium batteries, which is still unproven, whereas lead acid batteries are almost 100% recyclable. This was reported in Batteries International Magazine.

Did you know that some high-profile people are not big believers in climate change? For example, Stuart Varney, the host of “My Take” and “Varney and Company”, recently slammed the U.S. and its allies for their sensitivity to climate change, arguing that “the Western World is obsessed with climate change. It’s getting ridiculous. We are pursuing extreme policies that just don’t deliver.” He goes on to point out that if every country in the world achieved its stated goal for EV sales by 2030, the temperature of the planet would only be reduced by 0.0002 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. Source: Fox Business. 

Did you know that among EV owners there is great confusion regarding the charging speed for their vehicle? That is because there is no industry standard or definition for fast charging. In an effort to make it less confusing, a leading EV charging company, Electrify America, states that 350kW chargers will now be known as “Hyper-Fast” and 150kW systems will be called “Ultra-Fast.” Apparently, this is supposed to be an improvement on what has existed up to now, which required the user to decide whether 150 or 350 was the larger number. Now they can decide whether Hyper-Fast or Ultra-Fast is higher. Sounds more confusing, doesn’t it?

Did you know that some researchers from Harvard University claim that the warming effects from increased deployment of wind power could be significant? As reported in “Physics Today”, these wind farms can change the air flow in the atmosphere near the earth’s surface, affecting the exchange of heat and moisture between the air and the ground, causing, you guessed it, global warming.

Did you know that as Elon Musk sounds off again regarding fossil fuel and green energy that he was originally a proponent of green energy? Speaking at a conference in Norway, Musk made the bold statement that “civilization will crumble” if the world halted the use of oil and natural gas, and he called for continued drilling and exploration of fossil fuel sources. This is as reported by Reuters.

Did you know that there will be no Battcon this year? The organizers decided that the conference last held in November of 2021 needed to get back to its original yearly occurrence in late April or early May. So, the next Battcon will be held May 9-12, 2023 at the Rosen Center Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Speaker abstracts are currently being accepted. See www.battcon.com.

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