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Battery 101

Milwaukee, WI
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This course will provide the attendee with a comprehensive overview of the battery types and how they are used in Standby Power applications. The course is a basic introduction to the theory and management of batteries and is intended for personnel who have responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the batteries in Standby Power Systems.

Day 1

Battery Safety

Types of Standby Batteries
Lead Acid
Nickel Based
Lithium Based

Battery Theory
How They Operate
Failure Modes

Battery History
Volta to Present Day

Battery Sizing
Selecting and sizing the correct battery for the application

Day 2

Initial and Float Charging

Maintenance Procedures
Handheld Battery Testers

Test Procedures
Discharge Testing

Battery Monitoring Systems
Advantages of Battery Monitoring
Measured Parameters

Data Collection and Interpretation
Recording the Data


Course Evaluation

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