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Gas & Ventilation

In Article 320 of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70E) Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, building owners and design engineers can find requirements for safely designing a battery charging room.

When Lead-acid batteries are put on charge, they can and will release hydrogen gas, potentially resulting in an explosion if not monitored and properly ventilated.  A properly ventilated battery room will limit the hydrogen concentration to under 1% hydrogen; however, if not properly ventilated or detected, the percent of hydrogen can rise to a level where there is a high risk for combustion. Hydrogen is a class 4 flammable substance and any level of hydrogen gas at 4% or above is extremely dangerous. Any spark can cause a catastrophic explosion.

To ensure this dangerous situation does not occur in one’s workplace, Eagle Eye Power Solutions adds security and comfort by offering hydrogen gas detectors (GD-Series) paired with EEPS’s ventilation systems (VS-Series). 

These hydrogen gas detectors work by detecting when concentration levels reach 1%.  When this occurs, a yellow LED will light and 1% relay will close. This dry contact will then power on the ventilation fan. The ventilation fan then reduces hydrogen levels to a safe level.   Since hydrogen is lighter than air, the exhaust fan should pull air from the ceiling where the hydrogen gas can build up. If the concentration levels rise to 2%, the red LED will flash and an alarm will sound. The 2% relay will then close. Section 480.9 (A) of the National Electric Code requires that lead acid batteries be ventilated adequately. 

Further, EEPS offers different size fans to meet various designs of battery rooms.  These fans range from the single fan with mechanical louvers all the way up to a larger 4 fan system with an N+1 redundancy.  These fans are equipped with a “Positive Airflow Shut Off” feature. These doors can be closed by an external electric command and will stop any airflow from passing through the fans.

The gas detector and ventilation fans will put your company at ease of potential dangerous explosions.

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