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While the underlying knowledge gained with in-depth training in the theory of DC Power Systems and associated batteries is an essential starting point, the ability to successfully use that knowledge also requires an understanding of the underlying standards and recommended practices that govern many of the day to day tasks. Many of these requirements are published by IEEE and NERC and constitute the basis for many of our solutions and battery compliance courses. 


Within the IEEE Power and Energy Society, the Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee (ESSB) are charged with maintaining and updating all the existing Guides and Recommended Practices. These documents cover the design, installation, and maintenance of the batteries in general use today, along with the associated charging equipment. The committee also identifies  the new battery types, charging technologies and applications for which new documents are required. Our instructors are members of the ESSB and are currently actively involved in the development and updating of a number of these documents to ensure that our Eagle Eye solutions and the Eagle Eye University curriculum are continuously updated to incorporate the latest recommendations.


All of the documents currently produced by the Energy Storage and Battery Committee are either guides or Recommended Practices and not a mandated standard. The only currently mandated standards in the USA that cover the maintenance of the DC power systems and their associated batteries, are published and audited by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) under the direction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). PRC-005-6 is the standard that establishes the maintenance requirements for all DC Plants and Batteries associated with the Bulk Electricity Supply (BES). TPL-001-5 specifies the monitoring requirements for any non-redundant components within the same DC systems. Our instructors have comprehensively analyzed both standards and currently offer a course that covers not only the practical aspects of carrying out the required maintenance, but provides guidance in developing the correct Eagle Eye solutions and documentation to ensure compliance.

Additional Resources for NERC Compliance:

PRC-005-6 Operation & Maintenance Training Course

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