Eagle Eye Power Solutions

Eagle Eye Power Solutions Sponsors Viper Ride

Eagle Eye is a proud sponsor of this year’s Viper Ride, a Wisconsin-based non-profit which gives blind, visually impaired or physically-limited US military veterans a chance to enjoy a day of motorcycling, fun & entertainment. Held annually, Viper Ride is a 100-mile ride which recruits experienced motorcycle drivers to serve as “pilots” for the veteran passengers, known as “tailgunners.” Veterans get to enjoy a carefree motorcycle ride while their pilot navigates the road. Accompanied by a police escort, riders stop along the way to enjoy food and entertainment provided by Viper Ride. Many veterans describe the experience as exhilarating. Spending the day with other veterans, meeting new friends and feeling the freedom of the open road is a welcome break from the challenges faced in their everyday lives. This year, Eagle Eye contributed a cash donation toward the Viper Ride sponsorship and will look to continue to support this worthy cause in the future. 

Learn more about the 2021 Viper Ride here & how you can make a difference: https://www.theviperride.org/.


Pictured (l-r): TJ Oman, Viper Ride Executive Director; Ryan Sberna, Eagle Eye Power Solutions CEO; David Carlson, Viper Ride Treasurer; Cindy Bores, Viper Ride Event Coordinator

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