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Eagle Eye University (EEU) 2020 Course Schedule!

See below for the 2020 EEU course schedule. Please call 1-877-805-3377 for more information, or Request a Quote today. DUE TO COVID-19 TRAVEL COMPLICATIONS, THESE COURSES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT ONLINE TRAINING OPTIONS.

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Battery 101 | March 2-3, 2020 – Milwaukee, WI

This course will provide the attendee with a comprehensive overview of the battery types and how they are used in Standby Power applications. The course is a basic introduction to the theory and management of batteries and is intended for personnel who have responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the batteries in Standby Power Systems.

Introduction to Battery Management for Standby Power Systems | March 4-5, 2020 – Milwaukee, WI

This course will provide an introduction on why and how to implement a battery management program. The program will cover all aspects of battery management from safety, battery types and applications, recommended practices, testing and condition analysis. This course is intended for all personnel who have responsibility for the operation and management of batteries in a standby power environment.

Battery Discharge Testing and Analysis | September 14-15, 2020 – Milwaukee, WI

This course will outline each of the steps required to prepare and carryout a discharge test in accordance with IEEE recommended practices. It will include hands on training during which both a constant power capacity discharge and a service discharge using a typical substation load profile will be carried out.

Battery Data Analysis | September 16-17, 2020 – Milwaukee, WI

This course provides an in-depth look at the measurable battery parameters and their value in providing information with respect to a battery’s reliability. Attendees will receive instruction in the use of both limit and trend analysis for both operating and discharge data. This course is intended for supervisory personnel with responsibility for the analysis of the collected battery data plus the determination of any remedial action required. Battery knowledge to the level covered in Battery 101 should be a pre requisite for this course.

PRC 005-6 Battery Operation & Maintenance Compliance | November 2-3, 2020 – Milwaukee, WI

This course is designed to help Utility Companies ensure their operation and maintenance procedures are in compliance with the battery maintenance requirements or PRC 005-6. The course will include a review of battery maintenance fundamentals, inspection methods both manual and automated, interpretation of the data collected and the required record keeping. This course is intended for all personnel with responsibility for the implementation and operation of a compliant battery monitoring program.

DC Power Systems | November 4-5, 2020 – Milwaukee, WI

This course covers the theory and design of the DC power systems that are typically used in standby applications. The attendees will receive instruction on the operating characteristics of the individual system components and their application within specific market areas. The basics of system design from system configuration/sizing through installation and commissioning, will also be covered. This course is intended for any personnel involved in the Specification, Procurement and Installation of DC power systems.

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