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May 2020 Update on Industry News

Posted May 5th, 2020

Tradeshows & Events

Covid-19 has cancelled or postponed all battery backed power meetings and conferences. An early casualty was Battcon™ which was to be held in early May. It was initially moved to January of 2021 but because of logistics, it was eventually moved to May 5th – 7th, 2021. Eagle Eye was a sponsor and scheduled to have two booths at the Battcon™ trade show. We will be back in force next year.

Another casualty is the Battery Council International (BCI) annual conference which was scheduled for April 25th – 27th in Nevada. They are conducting a virtual conference on April 27th. The Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association Conference (ENTELEC) has been moved from April to August 11th – 13th 2020 and will be held in Houston, TX

The International Telecommunications Energy Conference (Intelec) doesn’t have a conference planned for this year although it is usually held in North America on even years. It doesn’t look like is going to happen.

The 2020 Power Sources Conference has been cancelled and moved to June 2021. It will be held in Jacksonville, FL.

The Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) which was scheduled for April has been postponed indefinitely and the organizers are working on rescheduling.

Other News

Some good news coming out of the bad news at Aqua Metals. The startup lead-acid recycler uses a revolutionary room temperature, water-based recycling method.  Their Nevada facility suffered a major fire last November which shut down all operations. It has donated hundreds of N95 masks to local hospitals. President/CEO Steve Cotton was a cofounder of battery monitoring companies Intellibatt and Canara. He is the son of Bart Cotton, an old colleague of the editor who assisted Allen in writing the first edition of IEEE 1491 the IEEE Guide for Selection and Use of Battery Monitoring Equipment in Stationary Applications.

Lead-acid battery manufacturer Exide Technologies, parent of GNB, donated N95 masks to a health care facility in Salina, Kansas.

An industry stalwart and well respected leader, Paul Barlock, sadly passed away on April  28th. In his long career in the electrical powering industry he was the President of Telecommunications Power Systems, Advance Power, Ltd., Transistor Devices, Inc. International and President and COO of Alpha Technologies, Inc. At one time both Eagle Eye’s George Pedersen and Allen Byrne worked for Paul in management capacities. He was a hard but fair taskmaster, a mentor and a friend. He had a term of endearment for us; we were his “Scum Sucking Dogs.” Our hearts go out to his wife Susan. Rest in peace Paul. You were the best!

Did you know?

Lead-acid batteries are the most recycled commodity in North America at 97 – 99% depending upon the source. The Battery Council International (BCI) says 99%.

Eagle Eye Power Solutions has provided critical power solutions in over 1450 cities and in over 80 countries.

Lead is not dead! The heavily target lead-acid battery industry by country regulators is bouncing back. (More next month.) Isn’t it ironic that the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) points out that lead-acid batteries could play a huge part in powering electric vehicle charging stations? The application is that these batteries will be charged when there is low grid demand and then the stored energy will be used when demand from the grid or charging stations is high. They could also facilitate a faster charge.

Heat is the enemy of lead-acid batteries. The rule of thumb is that for every 15-18°F above a nominal 77°F ambient at which a battery is operated, its expected life is going to be halved.

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