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Duke Energy Renewables

Duke Energy Renewables Technicians Rely on Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ Responsive Technical Support for Mission Critical Applications

The Customer

One of the largest electric power holding companies in the U.S., Duke Energy provides electricity to 7.8 million customers over six states. And when it comes to renewable energy sources, Duke is likewise positioned as an industry leader with a firm commitment to the advancement of clean energy. With over 96 sites across the country, including wind, solar, hydroelectric, biopower and natural gas, Duke’s Renewable technicians must possess a wide range of knowledge of numerous power sources and travel far and wide to operate and maintain the critical power systems that generate and transmit them.

The Challenge

Although the Renewable sites are vast, there are only three high-voltage technicians who operate the load banks that are required to accurately test the backup battery loads at each location. Add to it that the discharge testing is often required during power outages, and it’s safe to say that time is of the essence for those trying to get these systems up and running as quickly as possible – they need answers now, not in a few days. A partner that can troubleshoot in real-time is a must for Duke Energy Renewables technicians to be able to perform their mission-critical jobs safely, accurately and quickly.

The Eagle Eye Solution

With an unrelenting commitment to customer service, Eagle Eye’s white glove approach to providing detailed and responsive technical support left a lasting impression on the Duke team. Always facing adversity in the field, Duke’s HV technicians knew they couldn’t leave anything to chance when providing customers’ critical power solutions. For them, attentive support is more than “nice to have”; it’s absolutely vital to maintaining backup battery power that needs to operate when called upon.

The Implementation

Sending an Eagle Eye support technician out to a job site to meet and train the Duke team alleviated any immediate concerns about properly setting up the new equipment. There to offer a literal hands-on approach to walking this new customer through a series of questions, Eagle Eye technical support provided the attention to detail that others had been seriously lacking in the Duke team’s quest for a load bank solutions partner.

The Results

As Duke’s Renewable HV techs hit the road, pulling load banks in trailers behind them, they continue to be confident that Eagle Eye tech support will be in their corner – ready and willing to provide responsive troubleshooting for whatever they encounter. Furthermore, the DAC (Data Acquisition Case) functionality has become a standard requirement the Renewable team has come to count on when using Eagle Eye’s SLB load bank series of equipment.

“The prompt and thorough support from the Eagle Eye team is a night and day difference from other, larger companies that simply can’t help us right away the way we need them to during the time crunch of an outage.”

-Kenneth Bowman

Senior Renewable HV Technician,

Duke Energy

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