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Battery Spill Containment




Eagle Eye’s Acid Containment Solutions are designed specifically for standby power applications. Battery spill containment is required for lead-acid battery systems, enforced by fire regulations on the federal and state level. The SCS-Series battery spill containment system utilizes UL recognized, flame retardant neutralization pillows which are available in several sizes. The PVC frame components have an LOI flame rating of 28 or higher.

All components of the SCS-Series were designed to be installed with new battery spill containment systems or retrofitted to existing battery systems. Installation is straightforward and easy for all types of battery systems.


  • UL Listed spill containment system
  • Flame retardant – absorb and neutralize battery electrolyte
  • Retrofit to existing, pre-installed battery systems
  • Frame components: angles, corners, over clips & liner:
    • 1/4” thick black PVC plastic, 4” tall as required in National Fire Code
    • All PVC components have LOI flame rating of 28 or higher, meeting UL Standard 2436
    • Liner is yellow, flexible material which provides strength and ease of installation of corners during setup
  • Pillows neutralize & absorb electrolyte:
    • Indicates contact with acid by changing from bright yellow to red
    • 1/16” thick material is tear & puncture resistant
    • Pillow sizes available in 12” x 12” (up to 32 oz. neutralization) and 6” x 24” (up to 16 oz. neutralization)
    • Absorption rate is up to 40 oz. (12 x 12”) or up to 20 oz. (6 x 24”)


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