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VIGILANT™ Software v1.3.11


Downloadable software for the VIGILANT battery monitoring system, v1.3.11.



Released July 31, 2023


  • Enhanced the existing continuity alarming functionality to utilize the critical relay. Also added a dedicated Modbus data point to store continuity state.
  • Added new registers in the Modbus mapping to assist customers with configuring their Modbus clients.
  • ELM management functionality is now accessible from the root settings page.
  • Added a diagnostic section in settings to provide Eagle Eye engineers daily summary data.
  • Added interconnect resistance alarm thresholds.
  • Updated the NERC and monitor reports to display the alarm states.
  • Added lower end internal resistance alarms.
  • Added alarm for if a sensor is unable to communicate or is unplugged.
  • The rightmost value on the x-axis for line charts will be the current time. This makes it easier to determine if a metric is not being collected.
  • Charts will more clearly display missing data.
  • Changed how Modbus handles data it cannot coerce into the correct format. It will now return 65535 (assuming an unsigned 16 bit integer) rather than 0.


  • Reduced the likelihood of battery voltage spikes (from creating nuisance alarms).
  • Fixed an issue where the system would stop displaying updated data (i.e., “flatlining”)
  • Fixed an issue when the system clock is updated by less than a day, and the schedule reset button could result in an Internal Server Error.
  • Global alarm settings will display a success message when successfully updating the thresholds.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in the Vigilant not saving readings originating from the serial bus.
  • Other various small fixes and improvements.


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