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Non-Constant Current DC Load Banks with Digital Control

For Non-Constant Current DC power testing applications model options range from small, portable, low-power units, to high-power indoor or outdoor permanent load solutions. PC software controls offer advanced load profile solutions for working within simple to complex testing applications of various battery power systems, UPS systems, Data centers, power supplies, DC systems, and other critical DC power sources.

Design elements incorporate a robust steel outer chassis with isolated interior chambers for control and load elements. This ensures electrical components are kept away from dirt and debris for long-life reliability in harsh test environments. Portable options include lifting eyes and caster wheels while permanent and outdoor rated units are available. All units come with multiple built-in automatic safety shutdowns and manual override shutdown. Other Voltage / Amp rating versions available.


  • Digital metering for high-precision data read-out
  • User controlled manually or through software with programmed load profile
  • Detailed data management, analysis, and report generation through software
  • Automatic load testing allows user to set custom periods of power and time
  • Display of current, voltage, and time
  • Emergency manual stop button for quick termination of load test if required
  • Automatic stop protection for adverse conditions including over-load, over-voltage, high temperature, short-circuit

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Voltage Versions12, 24, 36, 48, 52, 120, 270 & 480 VDC – Others Available
Amp Models1 – 1,200 Amps
Duty CycleContinuous
Resolution1 Amp
Configuration+,- and ground connector
Digital DisplayLCD multiple function display meter
CommunicationRS232/485, USB port provided
CoolingForced air cooling
Environmental-10 – 50 °C (14 – 122 °F), ≤95% RH
ControlLocal panel control or laptop control


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Where are Non-Constant DC Load Banks used?

In applications like DC power supply testing or other applications where automatic current load adjustment is not required.


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