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Portable Battery Testing

Batteries are the heart of any critical DC power application. Businesses need confidence that their batteries will perform. After all, “an organization is only as strong as its weakest link. ” In connection, rest assured, when partnering with Eagle Eye Power Solutions, there will be no weak links.    

As industry leaders, our Portable Battery Testing Division delivers a range of portable, reliable, handheld lead acid battery testers, digital hydrometers and ground fault locators. Because batteries are always deteriorating and eventually going to fail, our solutions give trained technicians what they need to test and measure certain parameters to help forecast failure before it’s too late. 

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Portable Battery Testing Equipment

Eagle Eye Power Solutions carries a full line of Digital Hydrometers that allow technicians to test battery electrolyte levels and measure their specific gravity and temperature. Eagle Eye also offers impedance and capacity testers that comply with IEEE standards and meet the requirements stated in NERC PRC-005. A battery jar/cell charger, discharger, & activator can also beneficially assist technicians when identifying a troubled battery system. Finally, Eagle Eye offers ground fault locators, which allow service techs to quickly pinpoint a specific ground fault on a DC system without disrupting the critical power.

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