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Flooded Lead-Acid OPzS Batteries

Flooded Lead Acid batteries (wet cells) serve as a trusted, long-life, critical backup battery across many industries that require a reliable short to long duration performance profile. They also perform well in environments where they need to spend significant time on standby float.

Eagle Eye stocks our flooded OPzS battery line in a wide range of Ah and voltage options to make sure you have your critical DC backup power ready when you need it. Pairing 2V, 6V, or 12V battery options with our racking ensures flexibility to meet your space and application requirements.

Benefits of Flooded Lead-Acid OPzS Batteries

  • Lower self-discharge
  • Higher thermal capacity, no thermal runaway will occur
  • Superior deep cycle performance
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Long service life, designed life 15-20 years
  • Performs well for both short and long duration applications

The Eagle Eye Advantage – Extend your system life, warranty, and lower your maintenance with our Vigilant Battery Monitoring system.

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Click the OPzS battery model below to view the battery data sheet will full specifications.

ModelRated voltage10HrLengthWidthHeightTHWeight(kg)
V1.80V/cellmmin.mmin.mmin.mmin.Without ElectrolyteWith Electrolyte
2 OPzS10021001034.12068.1135513.9841016.148.113.2
3 OPzS15021501034.12068.1135513.9841016.1410.815.3
4 OPzS20022001034.12068.1135513.9841016.1412.917.4
5 OPzS25022501244.92068.1135513.9841016.1415.420.4
6 OPzS30023001455.72068.1135513.9841016.1418.524.5
5 OPzS35023501244.92068.1147118.5452620.7121.328.3
6 OPzS42024201455.72068.1147118.5452620.7124.532.7
7 OPzS49024901666.52068.1147118.5452620.7128.238
6 OPzS60026001455.72068.1164625.4370127.633.445.4
8 OPzS80028001917.52108.2764625.4370127.646.962.9
10 OPzS1000210002339.22108.2764625.4370127.657.477.4
12 OPzS12002120027510.82108.2764625.4370127.667.791.7
12 OPzS15002150027510.82108.2779631.3485133.583.8113.8
16 OPzS20002200039915.72148.4377230.3982732.56110150
20 OPzS25002250048719.22128.3577230.3982732.56139.4189.4
24 OPzS30002300057622.72128.3577230.3982732.56164.8224.8
6V 4 OPzS200620027210.72058.0733713.2738415.123546
6V 5 OPzS2506250381152058.0733713.2738415.1243.459
6V 6 OPzS3006300381152058.0733713.2738415.1249.965.5
12V 1 OPzS50125027210.72058.0733713.2738415.1228.239
12V 2 OPzS1001210027210.72058.0733713.2738415.1238.548.7
12V 3 OPzS15012150381152058.0733713.2738415.125367.4


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