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Ready for Summer…Outages?

We all know that along with an abundance of sunshine summer also brings its share of thunderstorms and severe weather. And, along with the lightning, high winds and rain from these storms comes an increasing number of inevitable and inconvenient power outages. Whether due to climate change, rising power demands, aging infrastructure, or all of the above, there’s still only one thing you can do to combat Mother Nature – be prepared.

Power Outage Preparedness

Even though we can feel pretty helpless at the mercy of unforeseen power outages, we still know there are basic things we can do to get prepared. For example, it’s become common sense to have a supply of battery-powered flashlights or candles on-hand in our homes in case the lights go out. But, what about businesses? How do they prepare for outages that could cost them millions of dollars if not dealt with correctly? For them, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. For them, a few flashlights isn’t going to cut it.

Still, over the years, while businesses have made it a priority to have a reliable backup power plan, what often gets overlooked is taking the time and making the investments necessary to ensure its reliability; often before it’s too late. After all, what if the emergency power supply that was supposed to last four hours lasts only one? When company assets and lives are one the line, this can be a difficult question to have to answer.

Battery Backup as an Emergency Power Supply

Fortunately, when it comes to backup battery power systems, there are a number of products and services available to make sure businesses are prepared for the worst. Here are just a few products that should be considered as necessary investments for any business looking to protect its valuable assets and personnel during a prolonged power outage:

Battery Monitor System – Data centers report that over 50% of unplanned outages can be attributed to failing UPS batteries. This can be fixed by proactive monitoring that identifies battery failure before it’s too late.

Load Banks – Used for testing both AC and DC power systems, load banks provide an accurate, controlled and measurable load for many power-related industries and applications.

Portable Battery Testers – While batteries are always deteriorating and eventually going to fail, trained technicians can test and measure certain parameters to help forecast when that failure might happen. 

This summer, as we give ourselves a much-needed break to have some fun in the sun, there will likely be power outages along the way. So, make sure you get prepared for them now, before it’s too late, and then you can rest assured that you will be ready to weather any storm.

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