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Podcast | BATTCON Recap by the Battery Blarney Duo

In the latest episode of DC Power Hour, Dave Neubert recaps the BATTCON conference in Miami with the Battery Blarney duo, George and Allen. Allen, a founder and Hall of Fame member, discusses the history of BATTCON, which began to address negative press around VRLA batteries by fostering dialogue among industry stakeholders. Despite Allen’s absence this year, George highlights key presentations and international participation, underscoring BATTCON’s importance as a leading stationary battery conference.

Episode Highlights

03:28 – It started off with the presentation by Curtis Ashton, the current chair of the committee, the job you held for many, many years Allen.

11:30 – There was a lot of focus from the floor on battery safety.

31:04 – In some of the very large telecommunications applications, particularly places like the cable companies, they were seeing instability on the 48 volt bus, and I mean real instability.

37:27 – I know from my own training requirements here, a basic standard like PRC 005, there is a lack of understanding at the level with the people who are doing it.

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