Eagle Eye Power Solutions

Load Banks

Load Banks are a critical part of testing many AC or DC power system and provide the best way to fully verify their capabilities.  Load Banks provide an accurate, controlled and measurable load and are used in many power related industries and applications including Battery Testing, UPS and Generator Set testing.   

Eagle Eye Power Solutions world class Load Banks are designed for accurate load testing of today’s critical power systems. AC Load Bank types include Resistive, Reactive or combined Resistive/Reactive units for full kVA power system testing. Advanced features include Local Manual Control with Digital Display and Remote Intelligent Digital Load Control PC software. Multi-Load Bank operation,  Fine 1 kW/kVA Load Step Resolution and Programmable Auto-Load Profile ability is included on all Digital Load Bank models.  DC Models include many Constant Current designs for battery related applications.  Individual cell monitoring can be included to provide cell level monitoring during load testing.  In addition, non-constant designs are also available for testing power supplies and other types of DC sources. 

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