Eagle Eye Power Solutions


Eagle Eye’s Battery Monitoring Division offers solutions to monitor the following key parameters as outlined in IEEE and NERC recommendations for battery monitoring: string voltage, float current, cell voltage, cell resistance, terminal & connection resistance, negative post temperature, ground fault, and ambient temperature. Battery electrolyte can be monitored with add-on sensors.

Learn more about Eagle Eye battery monitoring systems and how they can help you Increase Reliability, Reduce Costs, & Meet Compliance.

Why Battery Monitoring?

All Lead Acid batteries have a design life based on battery type and, this can range from five to twenty years depending on application. But that life is based the battery being maintained in accordance with recommended practices, operating under ideal conditions and any ensuring that any individual failing units are replaced before they impact the other units in the string.

Historically in the majority of installations those conditions are seldom met and the perception is that the typical life of a battery is closer to half the published design life. This potential for failure has been confirmed in a number of studies over the years. In one Ponemon study into Data Center failures the UPS Battery was responsible for over 50% of the reported hardware failures. Considering most operating environments and failure rates, battery monitoring is essential.

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