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Battery Data Analysis

Milwaukee, WI | 2020: September 16 – 17
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This course provides an in-depth look at the measurable battery parameters and their value in providing information with respect to a battery’s reliability. Attendees will receive instruction in the use of both limit and trend analysis for both operating and discharge data. This course is intended for supervisory personnel with responsibility for the analysis of the collected battery data plus the determination of any remedial action required. Battery knowledge to the level covered in Battery 101 should be a prerequisite for this course.

Day 1

Measurable Battery Parameters
Ohmic Values
Connector Resistance
Ripple / Noise

Data Analytics
Limit Based Analytics

Day 2

Data Analytics (continued)
Trend Based Analysis
Interpretation of Data Interaction
Discharge Data Analysis

Introduction to Battery Management Software
Limit Settings
Parameter Trending
Discharge / Recharge Replay

Problem Solving Using Actual Data
The training session will close with the attendees being given the opportunity to analyze actual data and see if their analysis agrees with the actual outcome.


Course Evaluation

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