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Preventative Maintenance Services

Want to get the most out of your critical backup stationary battery applications? The best way to optimize performance, protect your assets and ensure the safety of your employees and customers is to schedule periodic manual inspections of your battery systems.

Eagle Eye Services follows all IEEE, NERC and manufacturer recommendations to ensure the product is properly maintained for optimal performance and compliance. Customize your service plan from the options below and an establish an ongoing partnership with Eagle Eye. 

Base Package:

  • Annua/bi-annual/quarterly maintenance intervals
  • Measure/record overall float voltage at battery terminals
  • Measure/record charger output current/voltage
  • Measure/record ambient temperature of battery room/cabinet
  • Visually inspect cell/unit integrity for evidence of potential problems
  • Measure/record internal resistance of individual cell/unit
  • Measure/record voltage at each cell/unit
  • Measure/record cell-to-cell/terminal connection resistance
  • Check electrolyte levels
  • Check structural integrity of rack/cabinet

Additional Options:

  • Measure/record specific gravity on each cell/unit
  • Check for unintentional battery ground faults
  • Measure/record AC ripple
  • Analyze all discharge/maintenance records
  • Clean battery system
  • Inspect charger for alarms/damages
  • Provide thermal imaging of battery/BMS/DC Bus/charger connections
  • Torque all battery connections to manufacturer specs 
  • Inspect charger for alarms/damages 
  • Inspect battery room ventilation/hydrogen sensors

Capacity/Discharge Testing

Under normal aging conditions, batteries will always lose capacity over their anticipated lifespan. While Ohmic testing will identify individual cells that are failing, a discharge test is the only way to measure the actual remaining capacity of the battery with respect to its original installed capacity – and whether or not it is capable of supporting the intended load and timeframe.

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