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Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Eagle Eye Power Solutions is driven to increase reliability, decrease costs and meet compliance for its customers. With a strong history in battery monitoring, portable testers and load banks, Eagle Eye Power Solutions is a single-source, global provider of complete critical power solutions, education and services across the utility, telecom and UPS/data center industries.

To learn further about Eagle Eye Power Solutions, we have assembled this helpful resource containing brand logos, recent news, leadership bios, company history and more.

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Updated: September 2022

Brand Logos

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Horizontal Logos

Eagle Eye Power Solutions

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions

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Vertical Logos

Eagle Eye Power Solutions

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions

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Eagle Eye University

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Brand Colors

Yellow and Off-Black are Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ primary colors. We use Gray for accents.




Social Channels

Success Stories

Discover Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ customers and how we provided each with critical power solutions.

Tennessee Valley Authority
NovaSource Power Services
Omaha Public Power District
Hydro Québec
Florida Power and Light
Duke Energy

Eagle Eye’s GFL-1000 is a quantum leap in how we’d been going about finding ground faults. Basically, it addressed the exact problems that we were having and solved it. It was the perfect solution that we were looking for. I can’t say enough good things about it.” 

S.D. Brown
Director – Maintenance, Browns Ferry Nuclear Station, Tennessee Valley Authority

“Our experience with Eagle Eye was great from start to finish. We purchased a load bank and a hydrometer and also had a 2-day training class on our equipment. We were constantly updated by their first class Sales and Marketing Department. When we arrived, we were treated like family. The instructor, George, had a vast knowledge of the industry and was always ready to entertain questions. We were even able to spend some one on one time with a few of their techs to just have some shop talk about what we all do. All in all, Eagle Eye is the total package from start to finish. Looking forward to building our relationship with them even more in the future.”

Joey Davis
Repair Technician, Gulf Power Company NextEra Energy

“The prompt and thorough support from the Eagle Eye team is a night and day difference from other, larger companies that simply can’t help us right away the way we need them to during the time crunch of an outage.”

Kenneth Bowman
Senior Renewable HV Technician, Duke Energy Renewables

Eagle Eye In the News

Get updated with what’s going on both at Eagle Eye Power Solutions and within the world of standby power, battery testing and monitoring, the battery industry and more.

June 9, 2022Press Release: Eagle Eye Power Solutions Lands New VP of Operations to Facilitate Continued Growth
April 19, 2022Press Release: Eagle Eye Power Solutions Expands Service Capabilities to Meet Growing Demand in DC Power Sector
November 9, 2021Eagle Eye Power Solutions Lights Up the Holidays with Donation to Illuminate Ozaukee
November 9, 2021Eagle Eye Power Solutions Returns to Battcon
October 22, 2021Eagle Eye Power Solutions Donates for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
September 30, 2021Eagle Eye Power Solutions Tees It Up for Bailey’s Foundation
August 10, 2021Press Release: Eagle Eye Power Solutions Leads with New Media, Launching “DC Power Hour” Podcast
August 6, 2021Eagle Eye Power Solutions Supports Milwaukee Riverkeeper
July 13, 2021Eagle Eye Power Solutions Sponsors Viper Ride
June 30, 2021Blood Drive Hosted at Eagle Eye Power Solutions HQ
May 18, 2021Press Release: Eagle Eye University Adds Online Courses to its Growing Battery Training Offering
February 2, 2021Press Release: Erik Knudtson to Lead Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ Expanding Service Division


Eagle Eye Power Solutions is focused on conveying information to our partners and customers in the world of critical power. We continue to provide the latest battery power news, white papers, technical notes, webinars, videos and events in our industry.

Company Bios

Ryan Sberna, Eagle Eye Power Solutions CEO & President

With an education in business management and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan spent 17 years in the stationary power industry as a national sales manager before founding Eagle Eye Power Solutions in 2009, along with Co-owner & Vice President of Sales, Luke Walder.

Since that time, Eagle Eye has gone from small beginnings to become the global leader when combining critical power education, solutions and services. In January 2022, Eagle Eye expanded and moved its headquarters to a large facility in Mequon, Wisconsin, complete with an onsite battery learning lab as part of Eagle Eye University headquarters. Eagle Eye also added a services headquarters in 2021, Eagle Eye Services, located in Grain Valley, MO.

Ryan currently oversees all 6 divisions of Eagle Eye: battery monitoring, portables, load banks, gas & ventilation, stationary power, and education & services. He is committed to making its customers, employees and community more powerful and that has remained the passion and focus of Eagle Eye Power Solutions since day one.

Recently, Ryan was a featured speaker at the Milwaukee BizTimes Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum.

George Pedersen, Eagle Eye University Instructor

George Pedersen has been immersed in the battery industry for over 40 years, with hands-on experience in battery maintenance and testing in four out of seven continents. George was engaged in the design, installation, commissioning and operation of communication and secure power systems.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to educating various industries on NERC PRC-005-6 and IEEE compliance, battery management and monitoring and analysis through courses developed and taught by him at Eagle Eye University, including the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) training course, taught annually to over 700 technicians. George is also a regular contributor and speaker on the DC Power Hour podcast.

Career Overview:

  • 30 years working in all aspects of AC and DC power systems, engineering, and operations
  • 12 years in the Royal Airforce, initially working on ground-to-air communications and finally on crypto-based communications systems at the NATO Communications Center
  • 10 years configuring, installing, commissioning and operating communications and Telex systems, primarily in the Middle East

Career Highlights:

  • Deputy Chief Engineer for Saudi Telex, responsible for initial installation and continuing network expansion of Telex Exchanges in Saudi Arabia.
  • Director of Engineering for Advance Power (UK)

In the Public Eye:

  • Author of articles published in trade magazines on both sides of the Atlantic on almost all power-related subjects
  • Speaker at conferences in the US & Europe, including the IEEE-sponsored INTELECT conference
  • Panelist and speaker at Battcon Conferences
  • Board member and developer of recommended practices at the Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee of the IEEE PES Society
Allen Byrne, Eagle Eye Power Solutions Technical Advisor

Allen Byrne is a 40-year veteran of the battery backed power industry. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) where he sits on the Power and Energy Society’s Stationary Batter Committee (PES SBC). He is also a member of the IEEE Standards Association. He is currently vice-chair of two IEEE battery standards.

Allen is one of the founders of Battcon, the International Stationary Battery Conference and was the chair for 16 years. He was also a contributing editor for Power Quality Assurance Magazine. He is a frequent speaker at power system related conferences and has had over 50 technical papers published. He is the original author of the Power Distribution Chapter of BICSI’s Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual. Allen is also a regular contributor and speaker on the DC Power Hour Podcast.

He was greatly honored in 2011 by being inducted into the Battcon Battery Hall of Fame.


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Ryan Sberna, Eagle Eye Power Solutions (EEPS) Founder, CEO & President, and Dave Neubert, EEPS Marketing Director, in the DC Power Hour sound booth leading the discussion about critical battery power supply topics.


Eagle Eye Services truck parked in front of a windmill farm at sunset.


Eagle Eye Power Solutions Vigilant Advanced Intelligent Battery Sensor


Ryan Sberna, Eagle Eye Power Solutions (EEPS) Founder, CEO & President, and Dave Neubert, EEPS Marketing Director, in the DC Power Hour sound booth leading the discussion about critical battery power supply topics.


Eagle Eye Services truck parked in front of a windmill farm at sunset.


Eagle Eye Power Solutions Vigilant Advanced Intelligent Battery Sensor


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