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IN STOCK! Eagle Eye battery racks have been designed for all types of stationary battery storage rack applications, including both standard and seismic racking. In designing these easy-to-use battery racks we have paid special attention to strength, flexibility, acid-proof protection and more! In addition, our battery racks are easy to assemble and disassemble with simple screws, plates, stringers, and supports. Our standard offering includes single, two, three, & four-step and tier configurations. Customized battery racking options are also available.


  • Standard – Single, Two, Three & Four Step & Tier Configurations
  • Certified Earthquake Proof Battery Racks
  • Customized Racking

Visit Eagle Eye University for information on our battery training courses.



Individual rack specifications vary greatly depending on size, type, application, etc. Eagle Eye will provide specifications during the inquiry/quoting process.



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