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VIGILANT™ Software v1.3.8


Downloadable software for the VIGILANT battery monitoring system, v1.3.8.



Released Dec 10, 2021


  • Made improvements to the Vigilant Modbus system:
    • Added some new experimental mapping points:
      • (binary) ground fault
      • (binary) self reported modbus error
      • (binary) sensor electrolyte level alarms
      • (register) end up of successful update timestamp (2x registers)
    • Modbus should no longer block clients while updating the registers.
    • Modbus should be better at running when the DB is inoperable (as long as it was activated beforehand)


  • Multiple string systems should now correctly calculate their battery voltage alarm levels.
  • Fixed the following issues with the Modbus module:
    • Ambient temperature would load the oldest data instead of the newest data.
    • Unit ripple is now functioning correctly.
  • Under certain circumstances, the default sorting for additional (non-unit) sensors on the battery page would be incorrect.
  • When no cable or intertier interconnect resistances were configured for a system, the web & docx NERC reports would display an empty section. This section is now omitted.
  • Under certain circumstances, a ground fault would not be detected.


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