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VIGILANT™ Software v1.3.9


Downloadable software for the VIGILANT battery monitoring system, v1.3.9.



Released Apr 8, 2022


  • Post install wizard electrolyte sensor management. Users can now calibrate and reset all ELM sensors simultaneously.
  • Relay 2 is now reserved for watchdog (power) alarms. Once the Vigilant monitor is running – it will activate the relay. This relay will drop out in the case of power loss.
    • The relay will be activated at program start.
    • The watchdog will be patted once a minute in case the delay accidentally de-energizes.
  • Users can now change their temperature display preferences post install.
  • New Modbus data points added:
    • Average unit voltage
    • Average post temperature (Celsius & Fahrenheit)
    • Average unit resistance
    • Average STRAP resistance
  • Files downloaded from the Vigilant now have a more descriptive filename.
    • Reports specifically are named after the battery asset and time of report generation.
  • Changes made to the BMS reporting:
    • Added a new kind of report based on the existing NERC report, this is called the Monitor Report. The monitor report will increasingly diverge from the NERC report over time in future versions. Contains additional information that will be of interest to the user, but is not strictly to do with NERC.
    • Monitor report
      • Unexpected restart count
      • Removed some duplicated information required by different standards
      • Display system serial #
      • Can display web/docx/csv reports in the same manner as the NERC report
    • NERC report
      • On the “Battery & Strap Data table” – in the strap resistance column, non-strap points will now display the interconnection type and not “n/a”
      • System will still display “n/a” if there is no interconnect being monitored
      • Added a page where the user can add handwritten/typed notes to the end of a NERC report
      • Added report version
  • Engineers can now remotely disable/enable ground fault checking without being physically on-site via the web UI.
  • Unit interconnections can now be updated post-install.
  • Update page is now navigable from the actions page.
  • Non-topographical information (such as the battery name) can be edited post install.
  • Minor typographical improvements made.


  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause discharge events to be incorrectly split into multiple events after around 7 minutes.
  • Improved the resilience of the ambient temperature hot-swapping functionality that could prevent ambient temperature readings from being taken.
  • Fixed a bug with 6V nominal blocs where the resistances around out by a factor of 10.
  • Fixed a bug where the NERC csv is always displayed as being Celsius.


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