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Eagle Eye Power Solutions Expands Service Capabilities to Meet Growing Demand in DC Power Sector

Industry leader continues to add skilled technicians, expanding reach across Midwest and Southeast

MEQUON, WIS (April 19, 2022) – Delivering a unique combination of education, solutions, and services, Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC continues substantial growth within the DC Power industry. Leading the way is Eagle Eye Services, LLC, the company’s service-focused subsidiary, with a dedicated facility in Grain Valley, Missouri.

Eagle Eye Services specializes in:

  • BMS Installation, Startup & Commissioning, and PM
  • DC System Preventative Maintenance (Discharge Testing)
  • Battery System Installation & Removal

For more information on Eagle Eye Services, visit eepowersolutions.com/services/

Setting up shop in the heart of the Midwest has given Eagle Eye Services access to several utility customers in the region while also making it easy to travel across the country as needed. Developed as the first hub for the service team, this location was strategically targeted to kick off the expansion of this crucial part of Eagle Eye’s overall offering.

“You really couldn’t pick a more central location to be able to deliver our specialized DC services to our major customers in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, with reasonable travel accommodations to the rest of the continental US, too,” said Service Manager, Erik Knudtson.

“So far, we’ve been extremely fortunate in building a core team of local technicians who can mostly work close to home, with minimal overnight jobs. However, with demand surging, that can’t be the case much longer.”

Finding more and more work across a wide range of US utilities and a recent concentration in Georgia and the Southeast, it seems like only a matter of time before another Eagle Eye Services’ satellite location will be set up somewhere in that region, too.

“Our business model with our service offering is pretty simple in theory; go where the work is. However, we want to roll it out strategically by building up a quality team in one region, developing our technicians, and then promoting them to manage other regions. That’s our plan for scalability over the next few years,” said Ryan Sberna, CEO.

Using the Missouri location as a model, which will eventually house a hands-on battery training center for local customers, Sberna anticipates setting up additional regional Eagle Eye Services facilities over the next 3-5 years. 

“After the Southeast, the Atlantic and West coasts probably make sense, but we’ll see how it goes. Currently, we’ll enjoy the growth and continue to develop the strength and size of our service team accordingly,” said Sberna.

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Headquartered in Mequon, WI, Eagle Eye Power Solutions is the global leader in combining Critical Power Education, Solutions and Services. With a team of DC Power specialists to draw upon, Eagle Eye works with Utilities and other Critical Power clients to increase reliability, decrease costs, and meet compliance.

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