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Podcast | Battcon Recap

In this episode of DC Power Hour, we have a panel of round table experts to talk about the most recent Battcon event. Allen Byrne, George Pedersen, Erik Knudtson and Andrew Charlton discuss their experience and process the whole event. 

The whole team dive deep into the conversation and share their thoughts and opinions on this key industry trade show. The Battcon Stationary Battery Conference and Trade Show covers the latest industry trends and how to apply the best practices to manufacturing, safety, selection, installation, and use of stationary batteries. 

Episode Highlights

5:30 – Battcon is an international conference with people coming from all over the world to the conference which is a very good platform. 

8:45 – Unlike any other conference I’ve spoken at, they are far more thorough and stricter on the speakers. 

11:30 – One of the major things I’ve noticed throughout the entirety of the show is how engaged the people were that were actually there. 

17:00 – I actually do believe that we do have some disruptive technologies that are coming along. The most interesting fact about it is though, that they’re not actually new technologies. They’re very old technologies. They just were learning how to make the chemistry work.

19:00 – There are a lot of experts there and I really am appreciative that a lot of it was non-commercialized, not pitched towards a specific product.

31:32 – One of the things about the background as well, is that it’s one of the few conferences where the list of attendees is not made public, and attendees love that because it means that you don’t have every salesman in the universe sending them information after the conference. 

39:36 – There’s more than the interactive consideration as well, we do want to be an interactive conference. 

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