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Podcast | How to Walk Out of a Battery Room… Alive

In this episode, we dig in about the importance of battery room safety. In the Battery Blarney segment, George and Allen talk about issues that can occur when safety precautions are overlooked, and why they are overlooked. Then, they are joined by Ed Rafter, an experienced engineer who has spent his impressive career successfully working across a number of segments in the industry. Ed shares his expertise and recommendations based on what he’s seen over the past few decades.

Episode Highlights

02:45 The whole point is that the battery itself is physically dangerous and the things that I worry about are electric shock and chemical risks and that is something that people don’t understand.

11:26 One of the things that we should do once we are in the battery room is to smell, If you smell anything unusual, get the hell out of there.

19:20 A 2-volt cell can be dangerous if you short it out and you happen to be in the wrong place when you’re doing it. You can be burned very badly. 

29:29 Without input isolation transformers, we had a risk that we essentially could have a ground fault path that travels to the input transformer.

33:49 One of the things we recommended over the years is to put the UPS on racks.

44:39 I`ve seen it, I`ve felt it. I`ve seen in my personal experience, the aftermath of mishandling a battery. It’s the customer who feels that pain some time later on.

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