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Podcast | We’re changing things up this episode with Marketing Guru Jay Schwedelson!

For this episode of DC Power Hour, we brought in another expert who’s powerful in his field, Marketing Guru Jay Schwedelson. Jay joins one of the Battery Blarney brothers, Allen Byrne, for a conversation across industries on generating demand by offering authentic and FREE thought leadership. Comparing the value of being a source of authoritative content in Marketing vs. the DC Power industry, we discuss the importance of providing our audiences educational information. We also have some fun discussing the inherent need for reliable power across all industries as well as the value of mindless reality television to decompress at the end of the day and make us all feel better our lives.

Episode Highlights

04:59 – The path to success is not having an agenda. Sharing your industry knowledge, whatever industry that you’re in, putting it out there and not saying, hey, do this.

09:35 – When the powers out, you can still use your cell phone. Do you ever think why?

13:17 – So Jay, we wanted to have a little fun here and we’ve got this subject line challenge that we’ve been incorporating and wanted to see if you could weigh in.

17:49 – It’s good that you guys are testing all this stuff. A lot of people, especially in the business to business marketing world, they’re afraid to go as far as you guys are going but it’s great to see that you are!

25:52 – I was thinking about what question do I have? I guess what I’m curious about, I’m always curious about this in any business.  I want to know what is, what’s a bad day in your industry?

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