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Industrial Battery Load Bank Testers

Crucial for testing and verifying capabilities of critical power systems, Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ world class AC and DC industrial battery load bank testers are designed for optimal accuracy.

As a Customer First company, we have continued to do all we can amongst supply chain challenges to provide excellent lead times that are roughly half that of the rest of the industry.

AC Load Banks

Our Resistive, Reactive, and Combined Resistive/Reactive AC load bank models offer a wide range of local and remote intelligent, digital features.

DC Load Banks

Our Constant Current DC load bank models are designed for battery-related applications and our Non-Constant designs for testing power supplies and other types of DC sources. 

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Industrial Battery Load Bank Testing Solutions You Can Rely On

When it comes to providing the best way to fully verify AC and DC load capabilities, Eagle Eye’s world-class load bank testers are designed for accurate testing of today’s critical power systems. Here are the top 5 reasons you should trust Eagle Eye as your single-source load bank solutions provider:

  1. Range of Applications – With a wide technology offering across both standard AC and DC designs, Eagle Eye’s load banks match more testing applications and markets while also providing custom design options when needed.
  2. Advanced Controls
    • Non-proprietary PLC-based controls for AC Digital Series load banks with built-in Modbus communication
    • 3 or 4 wire-wye configured loads for optimum testing flexibility
    • 1 kW load-step resolution for precise load control
  3. Durability and Performance – Rugged, well-built, and carefully designed with excellent fit and finish for long-lasting, reliable performance. Many designs are CE-rated.
  4. Support You Can Count On – Located in the Midwest, our domestic support is available for over-the-phone and on-site service calls when needed. We are committed to serving you.

Discover why pairing load bank testing with battery monitoring is the ideal way to manage your battery system.

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