Eagle Eye Power Solutions

Stationary Battery Chargers

Ensure maximum reliability and uptime for critical DC power applications with Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ full line of stationary battery chargers. These commercial battery chargers are based on a high-efficiency, modular, and redundant platform design. They also utilize high availability with uptime architecture and come in 480W or 400W with hot-swappable Intelligent Power Modules (iPMs).

Multiple iPMs in a single chassis provide optimal redundancy (N+1, N+2, etc.), as they will continue to operate independently if the user interface module (UIM) fails. Meanwhile, our commercial battery chargers are also compatible with a range of battery types, including VLA, VRLA, and Ni-Cd, with user-defined alarms to suit each battery type.

Check out this infographic on proper ways to charge stationary lead-acid batteries.

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