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Podcast | The Battery Blarney Duo Field Questions From Sales II

Listen in this episode of DC Power Hour as our battery Blarney duo of George and Allen field questions from Doug on our sales team. They discuss topics ranging from seismic racking to spill containment and neutralization to chargers.

Episode Highlights

1:57 – What are the seismic and UBC zones and how have they changed over time?

7:40 – If you put the spacers in, you’ve just got rid of half the airflow that’s necessary to keep the battery cool?

9:46 – What are the pros and cons of Stevrofoam sheets vs corrugated PVCs in regards to airflow for the racks?

14:10 – Spill containment, is it recommended for VRLA purviews?

19:35 – Does the spill containment count as a neutralization kit?

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