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Podcast | The Battery Blarney Duo Welcome George Turner and Talk Batteries

Listen in this episode of DC Power Hour as our Battery Blarney Duo of George and Allen welcome George Turner, another industry veteran who recently joined Eagle Eye as an advisor/EEU instructor. They discuss and recollect the evolution of batteries over the span of their careers.

Episode Highlights

0:59 – I (George Turner) started in the battery industry in 1985 with Johnson controls and at that time they they manufactured flooded batteries.

4:28 – It was pretty rapid change for a stoic industry like ours. There were a couple of drivers, I think that one was the development of control ferro rectifiers, which were replacing the the SCR.

9:07 –There’s another concern we had as well. That was the regulation and filtering had to be much better, but it didn’t have that great big capacitor sitting at the end of the rectifier, acting basically as a battery eliminator.

17:13 – One of the shortfalls of AGM is that there’s not good contact between the electrolyte and the case. So it causes problems with heat dissipation, but with the gelled AGM the gel was in contact with the case and made for greater heat dissipation.

49:31 – So the battery evolution over the last 50 years has improved dramatically. Quality levels are much better than what they were. Valve regulated is the way of the future, but there will always be a flooded battery systems as well.

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