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VS-24 Hydrogen Gas Ventilation System

The VS-24 Hydrogen Gas Ventilation System is a forced ventilation fan system used in battery charging rooms and other areas where hydrogen may be present. This is to be used in conjunction with the HGD-2000 and HGD-3000 Hydrogen Gas Detectors. The hydrogen gas detector is mounted in the highest part of the room and the VS-24 vent fan is mounted through the outside wall.

The system has four fans factory-rated at 850 CFM each. This conforms to N+1 for 2550 CFM. The vent is equipped with a “Positive Airflow Shut Off” feature. These doors can be closed by an external electric command, and will stop any airflow from passing through the fans. The VS-24 is primarily set up to exhaust air but can be reversed to source forced air into a room.


  • Compliance with IEEE Std 450
  • Compliance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Article 64
  • Compliance with Uniform Building Code (UBC) Section 6400
  • Automatic Operation and Continuous 24/7 Monitoring
  • High Sensitivity and Stability
  • Long Life-Span for Reliable Monitoring
  • Inexpensive protection for equipment and personnel
  • Two-Year Warranty

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ConnectionsInput: Positive shutoff control, N.O. Dry Contacts
Output: 1% Fan Running, 2% Alarm, N.O. Dry Contacts
Mounting(4) 38 mm (1.5 in) Standard 607 mm (24 in)
Positive Shut-OffDry contact activated, manually reset
DimensionsH x W x D: 610 x 610 x 450 mm (24 x 24 x 18 in)
WeightFan: 23 kg (51 lbs)
Rain Shield & Damper: 10.9 kg (24 lbs)
Safety Standard(4) fans rated at 850 CFM Total 3400 CFM
N+1 (3) Fans at 850 CFM Total 2550 CFM for 777 sq. m (2550 sq. ft)
OptionsMounting wing placement, room exhaust source, small or large rain
shield, N.O. to N.C., custom features on request
CertificationsClass 1 Division 2 Group B motor


What are the benefits of installing a VS-24 ventilation system?
In rooms with battery charging systems or other areas where hydrogen gas may be present, it is extremely important to remove the hydrogen gas from the area before it builds up and creates unsafe environments. The VS-24 is to be used in conjunction with our HGD-2000 hydrogen gas detectors in order to ventilate hydrogen out of an area once it is detected. If a room has hydrogen gas buildup, the HGD-2000 gas detector will turn on the ventilation fans when the atmosphere reaches 1% hydrogen concentration. Alarms will also sound at 2% concentration. Both of these would have been well before the lean mixture of hydrogen could ignite. During this period of time, the fans will be operating to vent the hydrogen gas, so that the area is kept safe.

What are the power requirements for the VS-24?
There are a few different input power options available to choose from for the VS-24. Available power options are 110 VAC, 24 VDC, or -48 VDC. Current draw is 2.7A at 110 VAC, 14A at 24 VDC, or 6.8A at 48 VDC.

Can I connect multiple ventilation systems to a single hydrogen gas detector?
Yes, the vents can be daisy chained so that multiple vents can be controlled by a single hydrogen gas detector. Also, multiple hydrogen gas detectors can be set up to activate a single vent.

Can the ventilation system be set up in the reverse direction (forcing air inside)?
Yes, the unit usually is set up to exhaust air out of the room, but can be factory configured to force air into a room if necessary.

Why must the Positive Airflow Shut Off be manually reset?
If a thermal event occurs and proceeds into a fire, the fans will turn off and the Positive Airflow Shut Off feature will close. This will prevent air passage through the fan, which would draw oxygen-rich air into the burning room and feed the fire. When the Positive Airflow Shut Off feature is activated, air pressure from the fans, and gravity, will act to close the positive shut off doors and keep them closed. The Positive Airflow Shut Off must be manually reset in order to prevent inadvertent reset in an actual fire.

Are the conductors between the VS-24 and HGD-2000/HGD-3000 considered power limited circuits?
Yes, all wires between the units are signal wires (they do not carry large currents).

Does the VS-24 have control relays and what do they consist of if so?
The VS-24 has two control relays. Both are Form C, SPDT, and can switch 10 amps. Normally, one is used to control the exhaust fan, while the other is for the 2% alarm. The second relay can switch other loads as well, i.e.; a second fan, siren, etc.

Am I able to run duct from the ventilation system?
Yes, the VS-24 is a 2’ standard size for ducting, and exceeds the pressure requirements of NFPA 2.

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