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(Specific Gravity) SG-Ultra Digital Hydrometer, Portable Density Tester for Alcohol

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ (Specific Gravity) SG-Ultra Digital Hydrometer / Portable Density Tester is a specific gravity tester that measures the density and density-related values of your sample while showing the measured results in seconds. The results include sample identification, measurement unit, temperature correction coefficient, instrument identification and date & time. This easy to use portable handheld digital hydrometer includes all required accessories to begin testing right out of the box! Often, the SG-Ultra is used as a digital hydrometer for alcohol and food testing, petroleum testing, battery testing (Lead-Acid & Ni-Cad), and other custom density tests.

  • Accuracy: 99.999% accurate
  • Efficient and Safe: 10 times faster and safer than conventional methods
  • Temperature: Measures specific gravity and temperature simultaneously
  • User-Controlled Sampling: Select from multiple units of measure to suit your measurement needs or create custom requirements
  • Data Collection: Wireless communication infrared data interface for data exchange with a PC and data export to a printer
  • Battery Life: 90 hours of battery life
  • Compliance: CE compliant

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