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Every system is different. Eagle Eye Services (EES) will work with you to perform the necessary services to meet your unique needs, including discharge testing, calibration, installation, removal and more. Once we analyze your entire stationary battery system, we will provide you with the right products, services and education to get the most out of your investment.

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Discharge Test Photo of A Load Bank Hooked Up to a Battery String

Lead-Acid Battery Capacity/Discharge Testing

Under normal aging conditions, batteries will always lose capacity over their anticipated lifespan. While Ohmic testing will identify individual cells that are failing, a discharge test is the only way to measure the actual remaining capacity of the battery with respect to its original installed capacity – and whether or not it is capable of supporting the intended load and timeframe.

To comply with IEEE Recommended Practices, discharge tests should be carried out annually on all DC systems and/or:

  • When a battery is installed to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s published rating or specified design requirement.
  • Routinely over the anticipated life of the battery to determine the loss of capacity with respect to the manufacturer’s published rating.
  • As required, when it is necessary to determine the ability of the battery to support the operational load in an “as found” condition.

Battery Installation, Removal & Recycling

Need batteries installed and/or removed? Eagle Eye Services technicians have experience safely and efficiently handling all types of batteries and recycling them at registered EPA facilities.

Other Services

Eagle Eye Services also provides in-house battery technical services and support to handle repair and calibration of Eagle Eye Power Solutions equipment.

Have questions about anything else? Contact Eagle Eye Services and we would be happy to work with you to find a solution.

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