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Vigilant: Next Generation Battery Monitoring System

The ground-breaking Vigilant Battery Monitoring System (BMS) with Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors employs several new battery parameters to predict battery condition. Included in these critical parameters are Battery Cell Condition, Battery State of Health, and Battery (at) Risk Factor. These new features are made possible by machine learning algorithms built into the Vigilant.

The following key battery parameters are monitored and recorded by the Vigilant: string voltage, float current, cell voltage, cell resistance, terminal & connection resistance, cell & ambient temperature, dc ground fault, and electrolyte level.

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Web-Based, Remote Battery Monitoring

  • A key advantage of the Vigilant is how it processes measurement data
  • Rather than simply read and display measured parameters, the Vigilant also uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate the SoH of the battery
  • Measurement data and analysis is done via a built-in web-server, which can be accessed with any browser
  • The web-based software eliminates the need for a standalone software package and is viewable on a desktop or mobile environment

Predicting Battery Condition

The Vigilant utilizes several technologies new to the battery monitoring industry to predict battery failure:

  • Battery Cell Condition: Using machine learning algorithms to accurately calculate deterioration much earlier than current Ohmic testing methods
  • Battery State of Health: Algorithms encompassing 12 key parameters to estimate the health of the battery as a whole. It includes measured changes in internal & external factors and in all parameters that could identify a potential reduction in anticipated battery life
  • Battery Risk Factor (RF): Employing individual cell SoH along with temperature and ripple current to better predict risk of battery failures
  • True Float Current: Vigilant’s Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors measure true float current without the remanence and temperature problems of Hall-effect transducers

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    Working Voltage0.05 – 18.5VDC
    Voltage Resolution± 1mV
    Post Temperature Resolution± 1ºC
    Cell Resistance Resolution± 7μΩ
    Strap Resistance ResolutionAt 100μΩ strap r: ± 2μΩ
    Float Current ResolutionAt 100μΩ strap r: ± 1mA
    Charge/Discharge CurrentMax 800μΩ strap r: ± 0.1%
    Max 400μΩ strap r: ± 0.1%
    Range: 2,000A
    Electrical Supply (from DC supply)36 – 72VDC, 90 – 300VDC, 280 – 580VDC
    Other Power Options24V mains supply
    System Internal Powervia comms system
    Operating Power (from charger)@ 60 cells: 25W
    Operating Temp Range-4 – 70 ºC (25 – 158ºF)
    Isolation I/P to O/P1000VDC
    Test current @ 2.5V20A
    Onboard StorageSSD
    Memory Capacity20 years of battery data average, expandable for larger systems
    Local Data DownloadVia USB port
    External ProtocolsModbus TCP/IP, DNP3 (in development)
    Network InterfaceRJ45 Ethernet
    Dimensions (L x W x H)Sensor: 50 x 50 x 25 mm (2 x 2 x 1 in.)
    Monitor: 242 x 200 x 65 mm (9.5 x 8 x 2.6 in)


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