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Battery Monitoring System Installation, Start-Up, Commissioning and Preventative Maintenance

Set up your Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ Battery Monitoring System (BMS) for long-term success by having Eagle Eye Services (EES) lead you through this process and support you every step of the way. From installation, start-up and commissioning to preventative maintenance, EES delivers hands-on expertise when setting up and maintaining Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ BMSs for years to come so you can experience:

  1. A continued partnership with the manufacturer (Eagle Eye Power Solutions)
  2. Extended warranty opportunities for both your BMS (2 years) and battery systems (5 years)
  3. On-site training for troubleshooting and system programming

While a Battery Monitoring System can minimize maintenance over time, regularly scheduled battery inspections are still the best way to ensure long-term, optimal performance. Customize your service plan from the options below and establish an ongoing partnership with Eagle Eye Power Solutions.

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Vigilant Battery Monitor and Sensors Being Serviced by a Technician's Hand - Close-up Image

Base Package:

  • Annual/bi-annual/quarterly maintenance intervals 
  • Inspect/verify torque of all connectors 
  • Inspect all wiring for any damage/corrosion 
  • Update monitoring Firmware
  • Verify/adjust parameters for customer specs
  • Calibrate resistances/voltages/temperatures 
  • Clean system sensors/ modules/monitor 
  • Provide commissioning report/maintenance confirmation 
  • Conduct trend analysis
  • Visually inspect monitoring hardware

Additional Options:

  • Measure voltages/internal resistances/strap resistances/AC ripple/ground faults/temperatures/ specific gravity*
  • Replenish electrolyte levels*
  • Inspect rack/battery cabling/connections for corrosion/faults 
  • Clean battery system 
  • Inspect charger for alarms/damages 
  • Provide thermal imaging of battery/BMS/DC Bus/charger connections 
  • Torque all battery connections to manufacturer specs 
  • Analyze all discharge records
  • Inspect room ventilation/hydrogen sensors

*if applicable

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