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Eyewash Waste Collection Cart


Product Overview

Eagle Eye Power Solutions offers the EYEWASH B-399 Waste Collection Cart is an essential tool for efficiently handling the EYEWASH B-921* eyewash unit. Made from durable, highly visible yellow polyethylene, the cart is designed for easy maneuverability with a molded handle and flexible dual drain holes. It features a user-friendly parking design and stable transport with two rigid front casters and two rear swivel casters with “Total Lock” brakes. Supporting up to 175 lbs., it ensures convenient and reliable operation of the eyewash unit on-site.

Product Features

  • Provides transportation and waste collection for EYEWASH B-921
  • Easy to “park” from right or left side approach
  • Dual drain holes allow for alternate positioning of On-Site unit
  • Includes two clearly marked eyewash signs


High-density, highly visible yellow polyethylene cart has molded handle for ease of transportability. Tapered sump includes 1⁄2″ petcock for easy drainage. Comes equipped with two rigid casters in front and two swivel casters with “Total Lock” brakes in back. Cart holds approximately 175 lbs. (79.38 kg), which includes a fully operational EYEWASH B-921* and a maximum of one complete cycle of water in the lower cavity.


Refillable eyewash tank fills to 7 gallons. Weighs 60 lbs. filled and 3.5 lbs. empty. Translucent tank made of impact resistant plastic. Pedestal supports the eyewash tank and weighs 6 lbs. The yellow pedestal and black pull-down arm are made of impact-resistant and chemical-resistant plastic. Wall bracket is stainless steel.


33″ x 29 3⁄4″ x 22 1⁄8″ (838 mm x 756 mm x 562 mm)

Optional Add-On Equipment

Gravity Fed Portable Eye Wash Station w/ Clear Tank

EYEWASH B-921 Gravity Fed Eyewash Station
On-Site Self Contained Gravity Fed Eyewash with Clear, 7 Gallon Tank for Easy Fill Level Check. Mounts to Wall or Optional Service Cart. Gravity Fed Eyewash Tank is Refillable. ABS Plastic Eye or Eye/Facewash. Universal Identification Sign and Inspection Tag Included. Complies with ANSI Standard Z358.1.

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