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Hydro Québec Chooses Eagle Eye Power Solutions for DC Load Testing Solutions

Hydro Québec generates, transmits and distributes clean and renewable energy. Helping combat climate change while promoting a greener, stronger economy, the Canadian utility is committed to delivering reliable electricity and high-quality service through a network of 60 hydroelectric generating stations, across the most extensive transmission system in North America.

Hydro Québec

The Challenge

For Hydro Québec safety is of the essence. Both technicians and equipment are held to the highest standards and must adhere to some of the industry’s most stringent requirements. This demands that technicians must have an intimate understanding of both the DC systems themselves as well as the extensive safety protocols that have been carefully implemented at Hydro Québec.

With these requirements in place, Hydro Québec was also looking to find a comprehensive solution that could be customized to adapt to their specific requirements while also being replicable for their various subsidiaries. The solution would also have to include in-depth reporting and other value-add features that would improve safety and efficiency during operation.

The Eagle Eye Solution

Eagle Eye Power Solutions knew that it would need to visit Hydro Québec’s facilities multiple times in order to adequately demonstrate the solution directly on Hydro Québec’s systems. Providing the customer’s engineering and management teams a firsthand look at the DC system solutions allowed Eagle Eye Power Solutions to walk through the safety features, protocols, and customizations required to fulfill Hydro Québec’s specific, comprehensive needs.

Additionally, the value-add safety features included automated battery monitoring capabilities, allowing technicians to capture and view per-cell values live from a safe distance while testing.

The Implementation

Eagle Eye Power Solutions worked hand-in-hand with its local Canadian rep partner, Interfax, to provide custom load cables with safety disconnects that matched Hydro Québec’s DC connectors, as well as additional safety breakers on the load bank equipment side.

This, paired with the multiple demonstrations of the equipment and testing processes, allowed Hydro Québec to move forward with confidence toward the final solution.

The Results

To date, Eagle Eye Power Solutions and Interfax have successfully delivered over 30 load banks – without a hiccup – to the teams at Hydro Québec. Translating safety literature into multiple languages, as well as maintaining local CSA safety certifications with each new load bank, have further ensured the long-term safety and reliability of the load banks.

Interfax also maintains a local service team for fast, ongoing service, support, and training for Hydro Québec technicians.

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