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Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ GFL-1000 Delivers “Quantum Leap” Solution in Locating Elusive Ground Faults for Nuclear Power Station

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA’s) Browns Ferry Power Station is the first and largest of its three nuclear power plants, with three boiling water reactors producing about 10 percent of TVA’s total generation capacity. In 2014, Browns Ferry was the second-largest power producer in the United States.

Tennessee Valley Authority

The Challenge

As a nuclear power station, the Browns Ferry team often faces issues with interference when using instrumentation. Due to these persistent issues, they had sworn off considering any device with induced signals like pulses and high frequencies for years. Recently, while dealing with an elusive ground fault that couldn’t be found over the course of two weeks – having to maintain compliance by keeping the circuits on-line – they decided to give the GFL-1000 a shot.

The Eagle Eye Solution

Without having to pull fuses on any of the 130+ breakers or having to cycle the power down, the GFL-1000 DC Ground Fault Detector & Locator was able to locate the elusive fault in 45 minutes. Needless to say, this saved countless hours of labor, reduced headaches and maintained optimal safety and compliance throughout the (now extremely short) process.

The Implementation

After building a mock-up, the Brown’s Ferry team was able to prove that the GFL-1000 would not adversely impact any other parts of the system. This gave them the confidence to go forward with utilizing the portable, handheld device throughout the plant.

The Results

The Browns Ferry team is currently in the process of placing repeat orders for multiple GFL-1000s to be used throughout its facility.

Eagle Eye Power Solutions GFL-1000 ground fault locator in hard carrying case with current clamps and portable receiver

Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ GFL-1000 is a quantum leap in how we’d been going about finding ground faults. Basically, it addressed the exact problems that we were having and solved it. It was the perfect solution that we were looking for. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

S.D. Brown

Director – Maintenance, Browns Ferry Nuclear Station, Tennessee Valley Authority

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions GFL-1000 portable receiver and current clamps

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