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Introducing VIGILANT™ – The Next Generation in Battery Monitoring

Advanced. Intelligent. Ground-Breaking.

The Next Generation of Battery Monitoring has arrived. Learn about the exciting new features the VIGILANT has to offer.

The ground-breaking VIGILANT Battery Management System (BMS) with Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors employs several new battery parameters to predict battery condition.  Included in these critical parameters are cell Cell Condition, Battery State of Health, and Battery (at) Risk FactorThese new features are made possible by machine learning algorithms built into the Vigilant.

See our available VIGILANT solutions below.

VIGILANT Advantages

Universal Design
up to 240 cells & 8 strings per monitor

Fast, Simple & Tidy

with only 3 main
components – monitor, sensor and pre-made cable assembly

Built for Compliance
NERC, TPL, CIP and more

Custom Holsters
that allow sensors to be easily clipped in and out

Proprietary Algorithms
provide complex risk factor analysis with projected end of life

TCP/IP, Modbus and DNP3 Protocols

On-Board Web Server
and easy to read dashboard with reporting

Electrolyte Level Monitoring
Optional Integrated

New Battery Parameters

Increasing reliability, decreasing costs and meeting compliance, VIGILANT’S Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors measure three important new parameters.

Battery State of Health

Algorithms encompassing 12 key parameters to estimate the health of the battery as a whole.

Battery Risk Factor (RF)

Employing individual cell SoH along with temperature and ripple current to better predict risk of battery failure.

True Float Current

Measuring without remanence or temperature problems, providing vastly more accurate readings every time.

VIGILANT Solutions

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