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Leader in Stationary Battery Training Expands Hands-On and Virtual Curriculum

Eagle Eye University, a subsidiary of Eagle Eye Power Solutions, continues to meet the ongoing demand for product and software training in the industry.

MEQUON, Wis., Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The number of training options available has never been greater. Adjusting to the “new normal” post-Covid business environment means that while professionals are happy to get back to in-person training, the demand for virtual options still thrives. In order to meet this range of demand, Eagle Eye University (EEU) has expanded the scope of its offering to include:

Eagle Eye University Instructor, George Pedersen, in Classroom
EEU Instructors Have Decades of Industry Experience
  • More on-demand online courses
  • Increased in-person training options at its headquarters
  • Specific battery monitoring training for customers
  • On-site training at customer locations in the US and Canada
  • Virtual options for all courses with live Q&A
  • Lithium battery courses regarding safety

Furthermore, EEU already has a number of courses on the calendar for 2023, allowing trainees to sign-up and reserve a spot. And it’s also offering free live virtual sessions each quarter that will allow anyone interested to receive a sneak-peak of EEU’s six core courses with a live Q&A with the instructor.

“What the pandemic taught us is that we need to be extremely flexible in how we offer our training. By utilizing technology, we can bridge the gap between what used to be primarily in-person, hands-on training – because it had to be – to offer almost the same experience online virtually,” said EEU instructor George Pedersen.

With an on-site battery lab already at Eagle Eye’s headquarters, the company is also building a podcast studio in-house that will double as a training studio for broadcasting virtual courses, too. Soon, not only will trainees be able to interact with instructors live remotely, but they will also be able to view hands-on demonstrations in the battery lab simultaneously.

“As an instructor, the thing I missed most during Covid lockdown was interaction with students. Now, we’ve developed our curriculum to be consumed across a number of different channels; each of them offering a high level of interactivity, even if they’re done remotely,” said Pedersen.

Ultimately, EEU continues to develop its customer experience by providing more ways to train around a schedule that meets each customer’s specific needs. While a two, three, or four-day course at Eagle Eye’s headquarters is always recommended, customers can also invite EEU’s instructors to their location, or find a way to get trained virtually, if that’s what works best for them. EEU is committed to educating as many people as possible who are interested in learning about stationary batteries, battery monitoring, and DC power.

“It’s really our passion to lead the industry in education. The more people we can train to better protect themselves and their battery system investments, the better,” said Pedersen.

About Eagle Eye University

A subsidiary of Eagle Eye Power Solutions created to meet the increasing demand for education and training in the stationary battery industry, EEU is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major utility and telecom corporations, government organizations and more – delivering the gold standard in battery education to thousands of students each year. For more information, visit www.eagleeyeuniversity.com.

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