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Tech Note | How to Prepare for TPL-001-5

This timeline shows when and how to properly outfit your battery systems for the redundancy required by this soon-to-be-enforceable NERC standard.

January 2020

TPL-001 is a long-term planning standard signed by FERC with a 36-month window before becoming enforceable.

Minimize Risk with -5

As demand grows and utilities identify all single points of failure, (including the current single charger, single battery configuration) -5 requires new installations have battery and charger redundancy. The combination of a dual battery string and modular SCR charger is an advisable solution.

January 2023

TPL-001-5 is effective and enforceable – all new systems need to be compliant with a 24-month window for updating existing equipment.

Grandfathered Configuration

For existing substation equipment, NERC PRC-005 compliant, 24/7-manned battery monitoring is an acceptable exception because it will identify, report, and alarm on both battery voltage and continuity.

January 2025

TPL-001-5 is effective on all new and existing battery system equipment.

Identify, Document, and Prepare

In order to minimize risk and maintain compliance, be sure to start identifying all single points of failure for your current battery system configurations and begin making updates before it’s too late!

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