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Tech Note | Ohmic measurements and IEEE Standard 1188-2005

IEEE Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications.


The above referenced document discusses ohmic measurements and the use of this data in determining battery state-of-health (SOH). While a very useful tool, full reliance on ohmic measurements in determining the condition of a battery cell/unit can often be misleading and can give inaccurate “good” and “bad” indications. Also, in many cases, the ohmic value of a particular cell/unit indicated on a data sheet is not accurate. This is because this value has been determined using a newly manufactured cell/unit in a laboratory and not a cell/unit that has been fully formed by having been placed in service for a period of time.


Ohmic measurements and IEEE Standard 1188-2005

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