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This page outlines various FAQ questions, organized into categories.

General FAQs

What battery parameters does the Vigilant monitor?

How does the Vigilant meet NERC PRC-005-6 compliance?

Does the Vigilant meet NERC TPL-001-5 compliance?

Is the Vigilant compatible with all battery types?

Does the Vigilant tell me if a battery is bad and/or what the remaining life is?

Installation & Service FAQs

Does Eagle Eye offer installation of the Vigilant?

Can the end-user install the Vigilant system?

How long does it take to install a Vigilant system?

Can the Vigilant be installed while the battery is online/in-service?

Are all installation components included with the Vigilant?

How is the Vigilant wired to the battery, or is it wireless?

Software & Communication FAQs

What software does the Vigilant require?

How does the Vigilant store data?

How are updates handled?

How does the Vigilant communicate?

What interface/connection options does the Vigilant have?

What ports are needed for network communication?

What protocols are supported by the Vigilant? What common protocols are not supported?

Does the Vigilant have system logs?

What data can be downloaded from the BMS?

How does the Vigilant comply with our cyber-security requirements?

What type of alarming does the Vigilant have?

Does the Vigilant perform self-checks?

What dry contacts are available for alarming?

What are the dry contact ratings?

Hardware, Engineering, & Measurement FAQs

What are the main components of the Vigilant system?

What is the required power supply for the system?

Do any Vigilant components draw power off individual cells?

What battery parameters does the Vigilant Monitor?

Does the Vigilant check for battery continuity?

Does the Vigilant measure for resistance, impedance, or conductance? Which parameter is preferred?

How is electrolyte level monitoring incorporated into the system?

How does the Vigilant monitor for ground faults?

Does the Vigilant ground fault monitor interfere with the battery charger’s ground fault monitor?

How does the Vigilant test resistance, is it safe for the cell/unit?

Why is a higher test current used to measure internal resistance?

Does the Vigilant measure the temperature of every cell/unit?

Does the Vigilant perform balancing of the cell/unit voltage?

Does the Vigilant check for battery sulphation?

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