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How to Do a Battery Load Test: Connecting a Constant Current DC Load Bank to a Battery System

Since the only way to truly determine battery performance is to conduct a load test, we have put together this simple 7-Step Guide to Connecting our SLB Series Constant Current DC Battery Load Tester to a Battery Bank:

1. Connect the load bank to AC power and turn the unit ‘on.’

Make sure breakers are in the ‘off’ position.Load Test On-Off Icon

2. Connect the load cables from the load bank to the battery system

beginning with the black cable and then the red. Twist tightly until secure.Connect Load Bank Icon

3. Connect the black clamp to the most negative terminal on the battery system and connect the red clamp to the most positive terminal.

Make sure both clamps are secured tightly, connecting to the load bank first and then the battery terminals.Connect Red and Black Clamps Icon

4. Connect the test voltage leads to the load bank

and connect your negative and positive clamps to the main terminals of the battery bank system.Connect Voltage Leads Icon

5. Flip the breakers into the ‘on’ position.Flip Breakers On Icon

6. Program your test parameters.Program Test Parameters Icon

7. Begin your discharge test.Begin Discharge Test Icon

Whether load testing for capacity, performance, acceptance, NERC compliance, or another reason, this type of load bank is designed for ease of use, portability, and versatility. It offers a programmable, constant current load for a wide variety of testing needs while increasing safety with remote per-cell monitoring and standard built-in auto-shutdown features.

For more information on battery load bank testing, feel free to watch how to load test a battery, read about Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ Constant Current DC Load Banks or consider taking a course at Eagle Eye University.

SLB Load Bank Connected to a Battery System and Laptop Computer

2 thoughts on “How to Do a Battery Load Test: Connecting a Constant Current DC Load Bank to a Battery System

  1. I was able to purchase an Absolyte GX 2,000 Amp Hour 48 volt battery bank. I will see if I am able to get the individual cells back to SOC and if they are viable for a small off grid system in Northern Nevada. Thank you for the direction in how to test the battery bank.

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