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LB-1000 Lead Acid Battery Charger, Discharger, Activator


Enhance your battery management with the LB-1000 from Eagle Eye Power Solutions, a multifunctional device that charges, discharges, and activates lead acid batteries. Ideal for maintaining optimal battery health and extending lifespan in professional environments.

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ LB-1000 is a complete solution for daily battery maintenance. It offers three complete solutions: battery charger system, battery discharger and battery activator. All of these functions in one unit make the LB-1000 an important tool for any battery maintenance program.

The lead acid battery charger, battery discharger, and battery activator options can be used individually or comprehensively. When the options are used comprehensively, lag-out battery will experience low-volt constant current charging and discharging of single or multi-cell batteries (1 – 100A). By activating the disabled active material of the battery electrode plate, it amends the battery malfunction caused by chemical failure and boosts the capacity of an old battery. Activation curve and certain parameters (Ex. voltage and resistance) will display on the screen as activation ends. The LB-1000 can only amend weak batteries caused by chemical malfunction, and not of a physical failure such as a short-circuit.


  • Compact unit with rolling carrying case
  • Designed for testing cells of 1.2V, 2V, 6V, and 12V
  • 3-in-1 functionality: charger, discharger, and activator (used separately or comprehensively)
  • Accurate test results with vivid waveforms
  • Designed to charge/discharge single and multi-cell batteries
  • Designed to charge/discharge single and multi-cell batteries
  • Safety circuits prevent damage to battery during testing


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